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Sheila White - The Mysterious West Coast Potter

I came across Sheila White's ceramic sculptures by way of John David Lawrence, proprietor of DODA Antiques in Vancouver, British Columbia. The only pieces I have seen of White's are of birds such as owls and robins. All the pieces are heavily textured, simple and beautiful.

collection of Stacy Reynaud

I've searched for information on Sheila White but have come up empty handed. I am assuming that she was a student of Thomas Kakinuma at the UBC Extension Department between 1955 - 1968. The pieces I own are marked with White's stamp and one has Kakinuma written in ink.

Her work is highly regarded among collectors of BC Pottery. Watch for it.
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How to Remove Wine Stains and Other Delicacies

Many delicacies we enjoy, such as wine, pomegranates, coffee, strawberries, pecans and chocolate can leave behind a stain reminisce of a random tattoo from some lost night in Vegas. You can lay blame on the tannin found in each.

Absorb stains before they set by using the tip of a white paper towel to soak up excess liquid. Never scrub or press with the towel, this will ruin the fabric's texture. If your garment reads DRY CLEAN ONLY do not try to remove the stain yourself - take it promptly to your cleaner.

If your garment is machine washable try the following to remove the stains left behind by the delicacies above:
Absorb excess liquid with a white cloth or paper towelSoak the garment in cool waterPut detergent and white vinegar on the stainWash out thoroughly with water Air dryIf the stain persists, wash the garment with detergent and appropriate amount of bleach in the hottest water the garment can withstand.

Trends - Terrariums

Ace Hotel Portland
 stacy reynaud ... and miniature gardens.

Landscaping on a Lilliputian scale provides a unique method for indoor gardening in smaller bijou living spaces. Made popular in the Victorian times (then known as Wardian Cases after an accidental discovery by the surgeon Dr. Nathaniel Ward), the terrarium garden offers an inexpensive way for both the beginner and expert gardener to express their green thumb while evoking curiosity and conversation from viewers. Try the style in your small living space.

Quote of the Week - Oscar Wilde

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
Oscar Wilde

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5 Best Ways To Make a Good First Impression

A dark colored, well tailored blazer
You can spend $200 or $2000 on a blazer but if it doesn't fit properly you'll look like a buck fifty.
The man 5'9" and under should go for the short. Your blazer shouldn't look like a tunic.
Although sized according to chest, the blazer should fit properly in the shoulders. If you can see your deltoids it's too small.
The old adage is, if a man wants one jacket in his lifetime make it a dark blue blazer.

A good haircut
Find a stylist that knows you and your style. My husband pays more for a haircut than I do. His justification is that if he went to another stylist he'd look like a cheap used car salesman with a comb over. Seeing as your partner should complement you when you're out together I'm willing to hold off on a pedi to keep him looking and feeling sexy. You may not notice it but glances go straight from your face right to your shoes. Which brings us to our next point:

The finest quality shoes
Your shoes sh…

Glass Plates Reborn: Digichromatography

Ural Owls - 1910
Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii
from the author's personal collection

Russian photographer to Tsar Nicholas II, Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, captured black and white images on glass plate negatives using red, green and blue filters. He then presented the images in color using a light projection system and the same three filters. Thanks to digital technology and a process called digichromatography we are now able to view Prokudin-Gorskii's glass slides in brilliant color, the way he intended them to be. In layman's terms digichromatography involves scanning the glass negative then editing it with image editing software. Grayscale becomes RGB, layering and cropping are tackled and finally any retouching of the image is completed. That is a very brief primary explanation. Please see the full details here.

Style Inspiration: François Truffaut

French filmmaker François Truffaut
1932 - 1984

Vintage Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace

Design Lover: Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor 932

The main squeeze on counter tops of discerning chefs, bartenders and juice devotees for 69 years, the Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor Model 932 refuses to be squeezed out by the competition.

Patented a year after the disbandment of Bauhaus in 1933, the influence of the school is reflected in the 932's streamlined design and superior craftsmanship - its known to last a lifetime. The extractor's rack-and-pinion gearing can exert up to 2000 lbs of pressure ensuring fresh juice without the pulp. A classic appliance that's easy to use, good looking and durable. Available online at Hamilton Beach.

Best Men's Hats for Summer

Matt Dillon - Flamingo Kid, 1984

Pierre Cardin believed it was the ensemble not the individual items that were important to a man's overall visual appearance. He advocated that the hat should compliment the silhouette of the suit - narrower lapels - narrower hat brims.

To determine your hat size measure your head above your ears and eyebrows to where your hat would normally sit.

Standard Hat Size Chart
How to Measure Hat Sizes

12 hats for summer festivals and everything else in between.

1. Bailey's of Hollywood
2. Pinzano

3. Dobb's
4. Cov-vers
5. Kangol
6. Dobb's
7. Bailey's of Hollywood
8. Oversized Silk Jersey Beanie
9. Bailey's of Hollywood
10. Christys' Crown
11. Kangol

12. Christys' Crown

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Quote of the Week - Le Corbusier

Talent is not enough if it cannot be backed by strong character.
Le Corbusier

6 Summer Low Tops - Simple Clean Style

A pair of lo tops should be in every man's closet. Effortlessly simple, classic, and more fashionably functional than your average sneaker, the canvas or light suede lo top trainer can be worn with slim fitting jeans, tapered shorts or drain pipe trousers. Pair a well kept leather low top with your light summer linen suit for that Duran Duran Rio feel.

1. Asics Coolidge Lo
online at Barneys 2. Chuck Taylor All Stars low tops
online at Converse
3. Keds Green
online at Keds 4. Topman Canvas Plimsolls
online at Topman
5. Vans Classic Low Top
online at Vans 6. Rachel Comey Canvas Lo Top
online at oaknyc

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Design Lover: Mariano Fortuny Desk Lamp

Designed in 1903 by the Italian textiles and dress designer Mariano Fortuny, the sweepingly curved desk lamp is made of chrome with a solid brass and black lacquered arm. Height: 24.5 inches. Width: 22.5 inches. By Ecart International.

10 Things You Should Know About Oscar Niemeyer

Niterói Contemporary Art Museum, Brazil
Niemeyer, with Lucio Costa, designed the Brazilian Pavilion for the New York World's FairHis first executed work was a maternity clinicHe worked with Le Corbusier on the preliminary plans for the Ministry of Education Building in Rio de Janiero, BrazilNiemeyer began his career in architecture before he graduated from universityHe was a member of the United Nations Headquarters Design CommitteeHe considered the Modern Art Museum in Caracás, Venezuela as marking an important shift to minimalism in his designsNiemeyer was head of the design group responsible for creating the first public building in the world to be expressed in the modernist architectural medium (Ministry of Education Building, Rio de Janiero)Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia made him an honorary citizen of New York City in 1939With the assistance of 60 architects, Niemeyer conceived, developed, and produced final drawings for all the important federal buildings for Brasilia in less tha…

Vintage Christian Dior

Christian Dior

Your Week's Inspiration

One of my favourite Flickr contributors, hillbillyxx, posted this found photo on the weekend. Thank hillbillyxx for sharing such a find will you.

Quote of the Week - Faye Dunaway

Edge is one of my favourite words. Energy's another.
Faye Dunaway

What to Wear for Summer

tobacco by bijouliving

When thinking about what to wear for summer 2009 keep in mind what's appropriate for each event you'll be attending. Just because it's warm out doesn't mean you should look like you're dressed for washing your car.

The two looks presented would be appropriate for drinks on the deck or an afternoon rendezvous.
Be sure that you have a jacket or cardigan to put on when the sun goes down. Shiny face isn't just a women's problem - carry facial wipes.Make sure your less really is more.Keep it real. Natural confidence is more powerful than you think.
absinthe by bijouliving

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10 Father's Day Gift Ideas

1. money clip
Ferragamo money clip with one card slot
online at Saks
2. wallet - bills should not be kept in a wallet
Comme des Garcons
online at Saks
3. lighter - even if he doesn't smoke nothing says elegance like a fine light
Dunhill Turbo
online at Dunhill

4. Porsche 911
hobby shop

5. vintage inspired alarm clock
Westclox Baby Ben
online at Westclox

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
Climber Special Edition
online at Victorinox
7. Chet Baker
Chet Baker Sings
8. case of Cabernet Sauvignon
2005 Schrader Napa Valley Beckstoffer to Kalon Vineyard
specialty wine shops or winery 9. adjustable wrenches
hardware store
10. collection of lounging apparel
online at
James Perse – Men