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Quote of the Week - Steve McQueen

I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on earth.

Vintage Oscar de la Renta


Would this really have been James Dean?

This commercial for a South African investment firm disturbs me. I think it portrays what they would have wanted James Dean to have been. 'My dearest, By the time you read this you will be a grown man. One always hopes their child follows their/my/the expected dreams ...'

Style Inspiration - James Dean


Why can't designers get t-shirts right?

Designers just can't seem to get t-shirts right. I don't know why they don't hire artists to create them.

One of the down falls of being a t-shirt artist is that the selection of wholesale t-shirts is terrible. The cuts are usually off and the fabric is cheap and cardboard like. Back in my t-shirt designing days I did come across a company that did some light weight jersey (and the owner was nice) - Alternative Apparel - but I couldn't afford them. Designers have the cash flow to spend on beautiful jersey for t-shirts but they don't have the right artists working for them. I stumbled upon Red Bubble today. It's a community of artists who put their work up for sale online. There are some great t-shirt prints. Unfortunately, the t-shirts they're printing on are American Apparel and they have a terrible cut. The 'Classic Girl' fits too tight and the fabric makes you sweat and the 'Standard American' has a bad neckline and boxy sleeves. However, …

The Striped Shirt

We share a vintage Russian naval shirt in our house. I wear it under a fitted blazer and he layers it with a t-shirt or under his cardigan (à la Kurt Cobain).
Coco Chanel <-> Audrey Hepburn

Bridgette Bardot and Marilyn Monroe

Kurt Cobain and James Dean

Elvis and 30s actor whom I've forgotten his name

a vintage Russian navy uniform <- >The Cure

Duran Duran

Spring 2010 Menswear Trend Number 2

Well, I showed you trend #1 for spring 2010 - the denim shirt - here's trend #2 - the double breasted blazer. It takes a certain type of man to wear a double breasted blazer and it helps if he's tall and slim. This style of blazer adds weight and tends to make one look shorter. Am I a fan? No - they remind me of MC Hammer*, Prince Charles and Rick Astley.

Dries Van Noten - Marc Jacobs - Iceberg
Michael Bastian - Spurr - Trussardi 1911
Etro - Maison Martin Margiela - Dries Van Noten
Victor & Rolf - Feragamo - Raf Simons
Prada - Duckie Brown - Yves Saint Laurent

Rick Astley must have been subconsciously on the mind of more than one designer this season check out the video for Never Going to Give You Up on YouTube to see why.

or watch it here

*Hammer pants NOT Harem pants (view)

Did you know...

Anne Bancroft was only six years older (36) than Dustin Hoffman (30) when she played the role of Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. Personally, I've always preferred Mrs. R. over Miss R.

8 Fall 2010 Color Trends

rose dust

chocolate truffle
lipstick red
living coral
oyster gray
purple orchid


via pantone

Cocktails with

Mr. Paul Lynde

Mr. Dustin Hoffman

Ms. Anne Bancroft

Mr. Al Pacino

Ms. Lucille Ball

Quote of the Week - Garry Shandling

It's not the hair on your head that matters. It's the kind of hair you have inside.

Form Function Fashion An Italian Interiors Interpretation

Italian design group Poliform has taken on the challenge of designing 'a new and surprising house of desire with a reasonable cost, minimal dimensions and maximal functionality.' Inspiration for the 'My Life in 80m' project was found in Le Corbusier, Walter Gropius, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charles and Ray Eames. Jump on into their website for the full story.

Tip of the Week - Black Tie

A touch of color with black tie is fabulous if it fits your personality.

Calvin Klein 1987

one of my favourite ads from the 80s

Lose yourself in ...

Raquel Welch while I put together another post for you.Whatever she's doing, she's doing it amongst the works from the Ruta de la Amistad public sculpture project for the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. The clip is from her 1970 TV special Raquel!

On behalf of the Queen

The 2010 Royal Gold Medal for architecture has been awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), on behalf of the British monarch, to I.M. Pei. The Royal Gold Medal is given to a person or group who has had a significant influence 'either directly or indirectly on the advancement of architecture'.

The characteristics of his buildings are sometimes described as serene, cubist, dignified, muscular, individualistic, and contextual. Referred to as a master of modern architecture, Pei himself refuses to apply labels to his work.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, OH

East Wing of the National Gallery - Washington, DC

National Centre for Atmospheric Research - Boulder, CO
appeared in the 1973 Woody Allen movie Sleeper

Everson Museum of Art - Syracuse, NY

John F. Kennedy Library & Museum - Boston, MA
image © Allan Goodrich JFK Library