Tip of the Week - Fashion

Match your socks to your shoes.

You've come a long way baby

Remember those vintage silver cutlery wind chimes and pendants you'd see at craft fairs and in 70s hippie how to books? Well, they've come a long way!

Marietjie hand cuts each spoon with ornate designs and bends them into pendants. How she cuts them I have no idea but I'd love to have a gorgeous hand cut silver wind chime.

Thanks to ELLE Decor South Africa for the tip.

Is it Dolce Gabbana or Madonna?

Dolce & Gabbana released their Madonna ad campaign on Facebook last week (note the words 'Madonna ad campaign'). Go see the shots here: www.facebook.com/DolceGabbana.

What do I see in the ads?
1. Madonna

The only thing that tells me the ads are Dolce & Gabbana is the font. Don't get me wrong - Madonna was my fashion icon from 82-84 and I think the photos are gorgeous, however, they are photos of Madonna - Madonna's ad campaign per say. Does she have a new album coming out or something? The clothes - which are what Dolce & Gabbana are trying to sell in the first place get lost among the Madonna 'brand recognition'. I think she's too well known for the campaign. Could she possibly be more well known than Dolce & Gabbana? Are Dolce & Gabbana trying to target a market familiar with Madonna but not Dolce & Gabbana. What was the purpose of using Madonna? I understand the feel of the campaign but, like I said, it gets lost because of Madonna. I would have preferred to have seen a sexy Sophia Loren type. So, if their objective was for bloggers to talk about their campaign with Madonna - achieved. Unfortunately, I can't give feedback on the clothes because they've been lost amongst the stronger brand - Madonna.

from Dolce & Gabbana's July 20 2010 album on Facebook

BTW - Who do you think approached whom first?

The men's ad campaign is pretty darn sexy too. It's on Dolce & Gabbana's page on Facebook as well.

G-Star Boots F/W 2010

Watch Listen Learn

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circa mid 90s
when ripping pics out of magazines make sure you write the date somewhere.

How to look good in the heat

New York Times - Sunday July 18, 2010

Well, now don't I wish it was humid here...

Bill Cunningham captured some wonderful shots of stylish men holding their own in New York City's humidity. Remember my summer business formal post I did for Daniel back in January? Review it here.

My choices for best looks:

1. cotton poplin suit - btw now is a good time to get a classic one on sale.

2. the red pants - one of my girlfriends dated a guy who wore red pants. We called him 'Pirate of Red Pants'. He now works at some posh London fashion school and I don't.

3. pocket square, carnation and spectator shoes - how stylishly late 30s.

4. midnight black aviators - no comment necessary.

5. I want to see what he's going to wear the pinstripe pants with. This is a man who knows how to utilize his wardrobe.

6. leather gloves - age spots on hands are no laughing matter - start protecting early - French cuffs - no you don't look pretentious.

7. Hello!

Supermodel Girl Crush #1

Estelle circa 1985
my first supermodel girl crush - note pin holes in the corners

a found letter

tom robbins

letter found in a thrift store First Edition of
Skinny Legs and All
dated May 1990

Tom Robbins is not my favourite author (neither is Jack Kerouac) but I've read all his books. I started with Another Roadside Attraction solely for the reason it was the title of the Tragically Hip's (hello Gord Downie!) now defunct traveling music and arts festival. Skinny Legs and All
was my next venture. I think I remember this one because I read it in the early 90s and although the prose irritated me the vibe had a personal sense of familiarity. Yes, I'm proud to have slept in fields and hung out at the Cottonwood Market helping friends sell burlap and vintage upholstery bags.

My favourite Hip album:

Road Apples

of course I can't resist Bobcaygeon, Wheat Kings, or Scared...

Last Weekend on the Turntable


Quote of the Week - Susie Tompkins Buell

my baby shower - my mom's the one with the corsage

You may well change your clothes from season to season, but I don't think confident women change their style. Style is connected to your values.
Susie Tompkins Buell co-founder Esprit

Style Inspiration

Amedeo Modigliani

Did you Know?

The first spectator shoe was originally designed as a cricket shoe in 1868. The shoe eventually became an essential part of the 1930s yachtsman's wardrobe.

Quote of the Week - Christian Dior

found photo West Vancouver

Elegance must be the right combination of distinction, naturalness, care and simplicity.

100 Years of Menswear

My first fashion book - if you could call it that - was the C volume of Encyclopedia Britannica. When I was bored as a kid my Mom would tell me to go and 'read the encyclopedias'. So I did. The C volume contained 'Costumes of the World'. I still have that volume somewhere - probably nestled amongst my 25 years of fashion magazines in storage.

I was lucky enough to come across One Hundred Years of Menswear at my community library. I don't buy books often but I will, however, be buying 100 Years of Menswear.

Cally Blackmann had me sold within the first paragraph - read more here. Her argument is,

'...menswear has had a far greater influence on women's fashion over the last century than the other way around.'

from 100 years of Menswear

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Vintage Callot


check check one

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