February 20, 2011

Siphon - not just a verb for stealing gas

Saturday I had the day to myself and decided to go do something I've been meaning to get around to for months. After reading - or more like seeing a cool photo - in Oliver Strand's Ristretto column last summer, my mouth has been watering to try Japanese slow drip coffee. I saw a slow dripper at our local beach hut - yes, we're pretty fancy in Dundarave - but the thought of coffee with my salmon burger was never appealing. However, I'd noticed a new cafe had opened up around the corner a few months back that advertised Japanese slow drip so off I went. Well, it turned out that their slow dripper uses a paper filter and I don't like paper filtered coffee, needless to say, I did see this appealing bong like contraption that I thought I'd give a try. I selected the Guatemalan.

It's a coffee siphon - some call it a vacuum. Watch a short clip below or view it here:

image Stacy Reynaud

If you like coffee you have to try a siphon. Butter. Just like butter.

Can we have these in our restaurants please? They're doing it here.


  1. Coffee and salmon burger doesn't sound like the perfect mix, totally agree ;)

    I tried something like this in China, it was quite amazing to look at although coffee is not the best thing to try in China, no matter if it's slow drip or fast or whatever!

  2. like coffee and sushi - yuck!

    It was its looks that appealed to me too. Like something you'd find in a science lab. Labs always have the coolest looking devices in them, don't they.

  3. Stacy many thanks for this coffee-educational post:)
    I am trying to find out where in Copenhagen they serve siphon coffee.
    so far found this:

  4. What an excellent site! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you can find somewhere in Copenhagen. If not you should be able to buy one online. I've see stove top versions. I think I might get one - the coffee was really that good. For something that was invented in the 1830s it sure has taken it's time to catch on over here!

    Thanks again for sharing that info with us!

  5. My friend has one of these and swears by it, I think he is as equally impressed by the 'DIY meth lab' vibe as the coffee.

  6. Hey Claire - good to see you!
    I like the 'diy meth lab' look too. I'm going to buy one. Of course I'll buy it here so I'll get commission ;)

  7. WOOOOAAAAH! Neat-O I've never seen this before. must try!

  8. There has to be some cafes using these in uber cool Seattle. Please let us know!


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