Bad Poetry of My Youth - No. 1

No apologies. It is what it is. Bad poetry of my youth - and a few not so youthful. I was going to throw it all in the recycling after our move, (this is the thing about not having any kids - you have no one to leave your stuff to), however, I started reading it and it is so bad, and somewhat comical, that I have to share it.

How could I choose which one to share when there are so many? I decided to open up the first actual 'scrapbook' I remember keeping. There are diaries and scrap bits of paper in the pile too but this was the first collection per se.

I can tell you one thing - as I was sitting on the floor in my bedroom dreaming about vampires and Jim Morrison - there is no way I would have ever have imagined this stuff was going to end up in this form 25 years later.

So welcome to the Interwebs Bad Poetry of My Youth!

for more drama - click to enlarge

the inside front cover of the scrap book

and the kid who wrote that stuff

So where, pray tell, is your bad poetry of your youth?

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