Carpe Diem is Not a Disability

Two weeks ago today I was diagnosed with a 'disability'. Remember my post, When I Deleted the Blog? Well, shortly after, I approached my doctor about the possibility of me either being bipolar, (I was first diagnosed with depression 23 years ago and it's been a constant companion ever since), or suffering from PMDD - premenstrual dysphoric disorder. I explained my recurring manias/moods to her and she shipped me off to the UBC Mood Disorders Clinic. You know what's more uncomfortable than running into an ex with a new partner? Running into an ex's friend working at a mood disorders clinic, ('You were right, she is a psycho!') Hey, I've never denied being in the Crazy Lady Club.

I was fifteen minutes late for my Monday appointment - which I blamed on the construction at UBC, (when in actuality it was due to my utter lack of the comprehension of time). So I was made to wait, which was okay with me since Detwiller Pavillion is right up my alley - a somewhat Brutalist concrete structure with a 95% original mid-century interior, (which includes furniture and built in shelving and desks). The building was designed in 1968 by Vancouver architects Thompson, Berwick and Pratt - well known for the BC Electric Building (now The Electra). Once in the dated, yet unknowingly hip 'consultation' room, the supervising doctor (there were two) told me that if she felt follow up with me was needed an appointment would be made for as soon as possible. After the 60 minute interview drilling she enthusiastically scheduled me in for the following Monday - and instructed me to bring my husband.

To be continued.

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