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Quote of the Week - Leonard Cohen

from the collection of stacy reynaud There are always meaningful songs for somebody. People are doing their courting, people are finding their wives, people are making babies, people are washing their dishes, people are getting through the day, with songs that we may find insignificant. But their significance is affirmed by others. There’s always someone affirming the significance of a song by taking a woman into his arms or by getting through the night. That’s what dignifies the song. Songs don’t dignify human activity. Human activity dignifies the song.

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Trend Spotting - The Equipale Chair

Back in 2012 I spotted some equipale furniture in a late 60s decorating mag and within the last month this Mexican handmade leather furniture is popping out at me right, left and centre. Traditional Equipal furniture is handmade from tanned pigskin and cedar or rosewood strips - each piece is unique, and like all unwaxed, natural leather, will get better with age.

Take a look at the different styles. I can't decide which one I like the best - probably the lounge chair and peacock chair (of course).

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10 Ideas for Living Windows

Cynthia Wood A million years ago, (2009 actually), I did a post on How to Accent Windows - let's consider this post the 2014 version. Vintage paned windows are perfect for framing your plant collection for both indoor and outdoor appreciation.

Marion Berrin Make sure you pull the dead stuff off - that is of course if they're dried flowers. If you follow feng shui decorating practices, make sure you keep the energy fresh and the meaning special - don't let the dried plant simply become a dust collector/clutter. Esther Less than ideal view? Use the plants as a living wall. They're much better than keeping the blinds down or the curtains closed.
archisculpture Lucky enough to have a window like this in your washroom? Block your sexy silhouette from the snoopy neighbours by hanging a plant in front of the window. Ferns love the humidity from the shower and if your window is facing east even better!
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