Best Men's Hats for Summer

Matt Dillon - Flamingo Kid, 1984

Pierre Cardin believed it was the ensemble not the individual items that were important to a man's overall visual appearance. He advocated that the hat should compliment the silhouette of the suit - narrower lapels - narrower hat brims.

To determine your hat size measure your head above your ears and eyebrows to where your hat would normally sit.

Standard Hat Size Chart
How to Measure Hat Sizes

12 hats for summer festivals and everything else in between.

1. Bailey's of Hollywood
2. Pinzano

3. Dobb's
4. Cov-vers
5. Kangol
6. Dobb's
7. Bailey's of Hollywood
8. Oversized Silk Jersey Beanie
9. Bailey's of Hollywood
10. Christys' Crown
11. Kangol