Some Weekend Pics

Good thing one of us likes to eat. He does the grocery shopping.

Brad wants to open a cafe. I'd be in charge of ambience. This is where it could be.

I stuck to the French Forever Slim diet this weekend. Oh, and my new hobby is mixing 'magic potions'.

Men's vintage 1980 Fox & Fluevog shoes mint condition $8
Way back before the shoes were known as Fluevogs, they were the powerhouse known as Fox & Fluevog (1970). Peter Fox left (1980) and now has his own eclectic line in London.

The Conformist by Bernardo Bertolucci. Have you seen this movie? Gorgeous. You do not see cinematography like this today. Vittorio Storaro is the master.

I was going to buy this but these people were hogging the electrical outlet testing out hair dryers. I neither had the patience for them nor the tolerance for hair dryer noise.

Obviously not everyone participated in Earth Hour.

One of the best things about where we live is that I can't see downtown at all.