Last Weekend

Finally bought a table top patio heater, now staring at the moon wondering can be all that more comfortable.

That is very good bubbly.

On International Record Store Day I went to my storage unit with the best intentions of bringing home some vinyl and downloading it onto my computer (Thanks JD!). Didn't happen. On another note, I've been trying to figure out where I got that Bauhaus picture disk all weekend. I have no recollection whatsover. To those who know me - any ideas? Old age is setting in.

How happy was I to find a bouquet of my favourite Spring flower? I didn't know hyacinths were capable of such a thing.

After many many years of trying to get a Christmas cactus to flower - success!

Strawberry rhubarb pie from the Bakehouse. One of my favourite things.

West Van Municipal Hall - talks are under way for redevelopment of the site. Which means demolition of another West Coast Modern structure.

I have a vision of turning this strip into a funky neighbourhood. No demolition - just conversion. Wharehouses still do it for me.

Remember the 100 Whistler sled dogs that were murdered after the Olympics? Be part of the vigil April 23rd. On a lighter note - I bought a bird bath - Tilley's taken it over.