9 Things I look Forward to in Autumm and 6 Not So Much

Our second, of two seasons, is approaching. #vancouver
This morning I woke up to this. It reminded me our second, of two seasons (wet and not so wet), is quickly approaching. Autumn is beautiful here in Vancouver. I can usually count on a sunny birthday, (October 11th) and then that's it - nine months of grey. Let's be positive right! In all seriousness I'm looking forward to:
  • burnt campfire marshmallows - finally the campfire ban will be over!
  • boots!
    stacy reynaud
    • stacking firewood
    • the smell of wet forest coming in my bedroom window
    • hot home cooked meals
    • less humans walking about - the 7pm sea wall stroll will be ours again
    • seagulls will have finally shut up
    stacy reynaud
    • a bed stacked high with blankets
    • pumpkin pie

      What I don't look forward to:
      • crazy nut cheeked squirrels dodging traffic - so much anxiety about this,  I should just stay home
      • squirrels nesting under the hood of my car - same as above
      With rain comes slugs. Eww
      • slugs - PTSD from my first and only summer camp experience as a kid
      • weeks of straight rain
      • having a wet umbrella in my car - Has anyone mastered getting into a car with an umbrella yet? I find I get wetter than I would without one!
      • Rocky's Cafe at Whytecliff Park shutting down for the season