Aug 2, 2010

A little extra money to spend

As some of my regular readers know I've landed myself a little work contract. Having been out of work for two years I've now caught up on my bills and revamped my savings plan - I've also started shopping again - or at least have been trying to. Trying to? Yes, trying to. My little stint out of the workforce has given me a much greater appreciation for my dollar and where and how I'm going to spend it. I've decided not to buy anything made in China unless it's from a thrift store - and even then I'm trying to avoid it. Have you ever tried this?

Stacy's shopping list:
  1. kettle - Did you know Le Creuset kettles are made in Thailand? I found an Alessi Made in Italy but it was the floor model and scratched up.
  2. patio chairs - Cape Cod chairs. Are they not called Cape Cod chairs for a reason?
  3. insulated coffee cup/thermos - Good luck.
  4. pillows
  5. sofa - I'd buy vintage but found bed bugs in the last antique/vintage shop I went into. Be careful!
What have I bought?
  • pajamas - Bella Notte, Made in USA
  • hand held mixer - thrift store, Iona, Made in Canada
  • food dehydrator - Nesco, Made in USA

  • sandwich plates - a local potter

  • coasters - June Hunter, a local artisan

  • boots - thrift shop vintage Italian

Enough of this 'Designed in Country X, Made in China' business. You can design the coolest looking car but if it's a piece of scrap, it's a piece of scrap. Which reminds me I better start looking for that older model Volvo.

For more thoughts read; The New York Times' Sunday August 1, 2010 pieces, 'Is Italy too Italian' by David Segal and 'Another Sign of a Rough Economy: Even Cheaper Knockoffs' by Stephanie Clifford.

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