Oct 23, 2008

10 Cigar Topics For Conversation

I'm noticing a return of the cigar.  Could it be that 'e' word that's plaguing the news lately?  Are we cashing out and lighting up?  
Here are 10 cigar subjects to share over your next puff:
1.  120 year old Swiss cigar house Villiger sold 600 million cigars in 2007 worth a total $148 million.
2.  Don't use your Zippo to light your cigar.  Use wooden matches or cedar spills.  Your sentimental Zippo will leave its lighter fluid taste and odor on the cigar.
3.  Cigar houses are encouraging politicians and media 'not to accept at face value the facts being served up to them day by day by the highly organized lobby (the WHO and EU).' as efforts to create a 'smoke free society' continue. Heinrich Villiger
4.  Puff not toke
5.  Cigar bands are popular collectors' items.
6.  Cigarillos are popular among hipsters, Europeans and some aficionados yet scorned by others.
7.   A 5-inch cigar should smoke for 20 - 30 minutes.  A 7.5 inch cigar may last for over an hour.
8.   A cigar is done when you've finished enjoying it.
9.   Sugar occurs naturally in tobacco.  Darker wrappers contain more sugar.
10.  Sudlaj Napoles, the second woman in history, won the title of Champion Cigar Sommelier at the International Cuban Cigar Festival in Havana this past February.
source:  moodie report, cigar clan, simply cigars, cigar aficionado

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