About me

Stacy Reynaud
Star sign Libra
Inspirations the beach, the forest, vintage fashion, vintage cars
Dream home buy 1970s West Coast vernacular (must have a galley kitchen)
Favourite design object Opinel knife
Perfect day morning snuggles, coffee and croissants, thrift shopping, late lunch on a sunny patio, forest meandering, dinner snacking, dusk beachcombing, and a solid night's sleep

In 1999, fifteen years after she sold her first collection of vintage clothing, Stacy went on to create one of the first online fashion retail companies - Czarina Vintage. Following the success of this venture, she successfully developed an international vintage clothing and fashion brand. Splitting her time between New York, Los Angeles and London, her highly sought after vintage collections have been shown with Los Angeles' Caskey and Lees, and the exclusive Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. Her restructured vintage fashion brand, edle, landed in high-end boutiques in eclectic districts such as Tokyo's Shibuya-ku, Chicago's Wicker Park, Los Angeles' Venice Beach, Portland's Pearl District and New York's SoHo. She holds a degree in History, (Ideology of World War II), from the University of British Columbia and a teaching credential from the University of Cambridge.

Stacy was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.