May 15, 2008


Stacy Reynaud is a Canadian writer, potter, fashion designer, and vintage clothing dealer. She's known for her raw and free-flowing style. Unapologetically drawing from her own experiences and emotions, she doesn’t shy away from the darker aspects of life. Her collections are often described as straightforward, intense and anything but mainstream. 

Stacy was born in Vancouver and has lived in numerous communities around the province. Growing up in British Columbia, alongside the mountains and the sea, she's influenced by the moody tones and vivid imagery of the landscape and the gritty, hard-living souls of the big city streets and remote islands. 

The Rag Trade 

Inspired by the new wave and punk scenes of the early 80s, she began shopping at thrift stores with the money earned at her part-time job at a local fashion retailer. 
deLuxe Junk 

At 14, she was taken under the wing of Kenny Spada, proprietor of Vancouver’s first vintage shop, deLuxe Junk. 

Spada purchased Stacy's first collection of vintage clothing - not once questioning her young age.  

Spada was a mentor and friend who encouraged her to branch out with her collections. 

Czarina Vintage 

In 1999, she designed and established one of the first online vintage stores, Czarina Vintage. Czarina was profiled on CBC's Venture TV program and in many national print publications. 
New York City and LA

During the early 2000s, Stacy moved her collections to the United States. In New York City, her collections were fixtures during fashion week with the prestigious Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. She also curated numerous vintage lines for Los Angeles exhibits with Caskey & Lees. 


The idea for her next endeavour came to her at a vintage show in Manhattan. 

After constantly being asked if she had ‘another size’ in one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, she had her aha moment. 

Inspired by Joe Strummer’s Combat Rock era, her expertise in fashion history, and the political and social situation of the early 00s, she bought the entire attic supply of vintage apparel from a military shop. 

2006 saw the launch of edle - named after her Norwegian grandmother. 

Stacy's restructured vintage military streetwear line was carried internationally in boutiques in Tokyo's Shibuya-ku, Chicago's Wicker Park, Los Angeles' Venice Beach, Portland's Pearl District and New York's SoHo. 

Spoken Word

Her journey with spoken word and underground literature began in the late 1990s with the encouragement of Vancouver poet and multimedia artist Gerry Gilbert. 

Gilbert praised her poetry, said it had a drive that would read well live, and invited her to read her work on his radio show, radiofreerainforest. 

She continued her live readings with Gilbert and at underground clubs and cafes around the city. 

Bijou Living 

In 2008, she established Bijou Living, a profitable design and architecture blog with over thirteen hundred unique posts, one million plus visitors, and links in T magazine - the New York Times Style Magazine. 


After her sixteen-year marriage ended, she changed direction, journeyed to La CaƱada Flintridge, California, and pursued a lifelong goal - to practice pottery. 

She continued her studies at the Shadbolt Centre For The Arts in Burnaby, BC, focusing on free-form hand-building. 

Her work is carried in shops in Vancouver and sits in many private collections. 


Her strong writing and storytelling skills secured marketing and communications faculty positions at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Camosun College. 

As of 2020, she teaches writing with Simon Fraser University's Communications programs. 


Stacy loves sharing her passion for storytelling. Over the past two decades, she's taught close to a thousand students at colleges around the province how to unlock their own unique stories.

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