Gold Kate Moss & White Ravens

Myth (Sphinx) on exhibit at Chatsworth in Derbyshire 2007
photo Getty

Marc Quinn has completed a solid gold statue of Kate Moss. The statue, Siren, is based on Sphinx, a piece within a series of sculptures entitled Myth he did of Moss in 2006. The statue will debut as the centerpiece of a contemporary sculpture exhibit, still in its planning stages, at the British Museum.

There are two shocking things in this story:
  1. The statue cost $2.9 million to make.
  2. The British Museum hasn't had a contemporary art exhibit in more than a decade.
On the other side of the world, the Raven family has released Corvus corax. Two alabaster colored pieces based on a design from nature.

The pieces are as priceless as they are rare.

One of the two white ravens of Qualicum Beach, BC
photo Mike Yip

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