West Coast Modern Residential Demolition

stacy reynaud

In my spare time I like to go to home demolitions - not to be confused with house wreckers (I'm not much for parties). This mid-century baby was designed, I believe, by Canadian architect Fred Thornton Hollingsworth in the late 50s. I was told by the architect hired for the new project that it will be replaced with something more contemporary and suited to our rainforest environment. There are more than a few West Coast Modern homes being demolished in West Vancouver. My colleague just bought one. She, too, will be tearing it down as she feels it's 'an old people house'.

What I Wore...

October 12, 1985

me: Anorak - vintage
turtle neck - vintage
black stretch tube skirt - Le Chateau
tights - black sheer Dim
patent leather flats - Le Chateau
her: jacket - my vintage fringed suede
pins - assorted vintage
t-shirt - The Smiths Meat is Murder
sunglasses - Ray Ban Wayfarers
shorts - Cotton Ginny
white lace leggings - Le Chateau
sandals - Hurache

Vintage Chanel

Philipe Guibourgé

What Makes a Gentleman

When asked once what defines a gentleman Bryan Ferry answered,

'Handmade shoes and good manners.'

I found this wonderful site via LeDandy. UK company, Broadland Slippers, handmakes English velvet slippers and house shoes - for him and her. You choose your style and textile - velvet, leather or tapestry (you can even provide your own). They'll even do up a pair from your own lasts. I originally gravitated toward the tapestry ones because I had a pair of Peter Fox's in the 80s. However, I find women in those 1930s movies wearing smoking pajamas and velvet monogrammed slippers extremely sexy - so sexy it is.

... and you know, I bet Bryan Ferry has a pair of house shoes.

Quote of the Week - Oliver Wendell Holmes

Men don't quit playing because they grow old. They grow old because they quit playing.

awesome photo a gift from Could it be Madness-this?

Design Lover - Frédérique Morrel Pouf

'... Industry thought it was more important (than art) and proved to be more powerful. Industrially -produced design products lost the relationship to the human values that came from the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the human hand.' Frédérique Morrel

Morrel produces one of a kind products - including trophy heads - made with vintage tapestries. Check out her website.

You know I love vintage tapestries - view my studio here.

Etsy Vintage vs Runway Dsquared

21 Tips for Shopping Vintage

some goodies I found on a recent thrifting trip - also my first attempt at a vid
view it here as well


  1. check the cuffs, collar and sides for pilling. Minor stuff can be shaved off with a razor but sometimes the wear is so bad it effects the appearance of the fibre.
  2. check the pits and collar for yellowing.
  3. when choosing 100% wool - which you should - carefully inspect it for little holes (caused by moths) by running an open hand on the underside. You'll see the hole easier as your palm will show through.
  4. check the side seams. Twisted seams mean bad quality.
  5. check for holes in the pockets. If they're on the seams that's easy to fix.
  6. check the lining. It'll cost you about $75 to replace the lining of a leather jacket.
  7. smell it. Seriously. Old cheap leather stinks.
  8. stay away from purses, hats and shoes with plastic lining.
  9. when buying denim go for labels that say 'Sanforized'. This is an older, softer and, in my opinion, better quality denim.
  10. read the labels. Stay away from polyester unless it's that very fine soft jersey that's similar to what DVF uses. Stay far away from acrylic - it pills and loses its shape.
  11. check side seams and cuffs of sweaters for unraveled wool. Also check for snags. Most can be pulled through with a crochet hook but if there's a hole under it - ba-bye.
  12. silk likes to fool you. Really inspect the piece for oil stains. Take it outside if possible. I don't know how many stained pieces I've bought to my chagrin.
  13. if you really want the old stuff the zipper will be all metal Talon or Lightning. In the words of my Japanese clients, 'No YKK."
  14. look for hand rolled edges when picking scarves.
  15. really inspect those men's ties for food stains.
  16. check that all buttons and snaps are there and in working order. It can be difficult to find matching vintage buttons.
  17. be creative. Shoulder pads can easily be cut out and hems can be taken up. It's not as easy to let them down however as there may be discoloration where the old hem was. Remember your tailor can be your genie in a bottle.
  18. chiffon is beautiful and delicate. You need to really inspect it for snags, holes, fraying and yellowing.
  19. check all the seams. Unopened seams are easy to fix but a pain.
  20. I've found Pucci dresses in the lingerie section - just saying...
  21. Contact me here. I'll teach you how to do it.

Here are his and hers links to some of my favourite vintage pieces on Etsy:

For men go here.
For women go here.

Quote of the Week - Versace

Be yourself. Don't be into trends. Decide what you are and what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.

1983-84 Good Fashion, Music and Nuclear Proliferation

I've been tossing around David J (Bauhaus) and John Lydon (Sex Pistols, Public Image Ltd.) fashionably in my mind lately. Wanting some great shots of Lydon I started pouring through my record collection and came across the 1984 12" World Destruction from Time Zone. Time Zone was a brief hip hop encounter fronted by Afrika Baambaata. Bambaataa brought on Lydon aka Johnny Rotten for the single World Destruction - who some argue was the first rap song.

Growing up in the early 80s I was terrified of nuclear war. All we ever heard about was 'One minute to midnight', nuclear winter, Ronald Reagan, nuclear explosions, nuclear holocaust, nuclear proliferation, nuclear horror, and Mikhail Gorbachev. The 80s were a really happy time. My entire high school was made to sit through a screening of The Day After. My parents were not impressed when I got home. Air raid sirens still make me panic. View the nuclear attack scene for 1983s The Day After here. Read more about the movie here.

I've often wondered if Generation Xers are so bitter because of this time in history.

'I just want to show society what people born after 1960 think about things... We're sick of stupid labels, we're sick of being marginalized in lousy jobs, and we're tired of hearing about ourselves from others
' — Douglas Coupland, Boston Globe, 1991

Anyway, help yourself to some fun filled 80s music vids tackling nuclear war.

Time Zone - World Destruction
or here.

Stick around till the end of the vid for some 80s dance steps - including a break dancing mime.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes
or here

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