Music and the Sense of Smell

image © extra happy ghost!!! via myspace

I was deep in thought in the comfort of sauna car this evening when I realized something on the radio was taking me on a vividly pleasant journey back to a place of heavy air scented with dry ice, mildew, pot, and twenty years of spilled drinks. A small sweaty room filled with second hand leather jackets, skinny cords, running shoes and greasy hair - the mid 90s. I looked down at the face plate and it read, 1990's Brain Damage. That explained it, some '90s hour' on satellite radio and they're playing a recently discovered, unknown until now, demo track by Thurston Moore and his second cousin.

No. My vivid trip was courtesy of Extra Happy Ghost!!!. One guy. From Calgary. In 2010.

Thanks for letting me remember the 90s were really awesome, Mr. Extra Happy Ghost!!!.

play 1990's Brain Damage

check check one

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