Best reasons to invest in an Hermes silk scarf

Number 1.
No one likes a sunburnt head or what comes off it

Number 2.
You never know when your plumbing will fail

Number 3.
Your Axl Rose impression just feels better done with an Hermès

Number 4.
You're a classic and so is it. Hermès, LVMH and Dunhill/Rolex are some of the few luxury brands showing revenue in these 'hard economic times'

Number 5.
If you decide to become a robber at least you'll be a fashionable robber. Stick 'em up...

Number 6.
Playtime. Silk feels so nice on bare skin - your partner will attest to this. Stick 'em up...

Number 7.
There comes a time in a woman's life when we have to lay the leopard print down and pick up the Hermès

Number 8.
Grey Gardens (2008)

Number 9.
You never know when you'll be whisked away in a convertible

Number 10.
Whole Foods has made the Hermès scarf bag mandatory (see the video below)