How to camp in style

DeLuxe 16 pc Plastic Cutlery Set
available at Moss

I prefer my campfire marshmallows à la crème brûlée, my picnic table draped in gingham and my cutlery brought from home -  every year we reuse the same plastic stuff picked up at some McDonald's along the way.  

If only Mickey D's could bring on Donata Paruccini and Fabio Bortolani to design their cutlery my camping decor would be a lot more chic - after all they're carrying iced coffee now aren't they...

On that note, do you think I should commission Philippe Starck to design a wiener/veggie dog roaster or should I keep relying on my Dad's design staple; Sonny's Unpainted Wire Hanger Wiener Roaster 1975?