12 Reasons why I'm saying Happy Birthday to Madonna

1. 1982 Madonna self titled lp 
As a 12 year old trying to come to grips with being a "woman" Madonna gave this tomboy hope that you can be both strong and womanly and the boys will still hang out with you.  How many hours did I sit staring at that album cover in wonder?

2.  My perm
Later to be tousled a la Molly Ringwald

3.  1985 Crazy For You
This song recorded on a double sided cassette tape made having my first big kiss a little bit easier

4.  Thrift Shop Chic
Thanks to Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Molly Ringwald I found my clique in the troubling fashion of the 80s and now make a living off it.  Thanks gals!

5.  Even though her movies suck she still keeps on making them

6. The Lucky Star video 
I've got the best collection of vintage jewelry now!

7.  The Like a Virgin video
My first girl crush.  I didn't know what a virgin was but I soon found out.

8.  Her amazing dedication to her mind, body and spirit
I hope I look that hot at 50!  Check her out in Ray of Light - goodness gracious...

9.  She was married to Sean Penn!

10. She still makes me sweat and not just on 80s night
32 count beat cardio work outs!

11. That gap - I love it.

12. Don't tell me you've never vogued!