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How to say no to pension funds and yes to art

I don't have stocks, pension funds or RRSPs.  I have art.  A safe, approachable and long term investment. If you're looking for an investment I suggest heading over to Art for Hope (Oct. 1) and then straight up to WhiteWalls in San Francisco and back in time for Tarfest in Los Angeles (October 4).  Stop at Bonny Doon vineyard and tasting room in Santa Cruz on your way. Shepard Fairey has already taken the UK by storm so grab him while you still can. someone can send me the print of this please... we'll call it a finder's fee

What will they say when you die?

With the beginning of the autumn equinox I'm reminded of the unpredictability of life and death.  The changing leaves reading like summer's obituary to the world.   Why not make sure your obituary reads like the changing of the leaves? Here are my top five obituaries that prove you should write your own: 1.  'Notorious throughout the world.'  Benedict Arnold 2.  '...she gave a few faint gasps and died.'  Mattie Ayers 3.  'His intellectual abilities and literary skills were never in question,... his judgement was.'      John Allegro 4.  '... she was a worthy partner to the worthiest of men.'  Martha Washington 5.  'Bongo-drummer, confidence trickster, brothel-keeper, drug-smuggler and police informant".   Lord Tony Moynihan Obituary of Benedict Arnold

25 Cocktail Party Must Haves

Friends are coming for cocktails tonight.
25 things to have on hand: hand size snacks such as -  popcorn, cheese, pickles, crackers, wasabi peas, Cheezies, or other nibbles - nuts with a vintage nutcracker are always a hit, make sure you have a bowl for the shellsice, ice and more ice cocktail napkins and regular napkinscoastersvintage serving bowlstea lights, candles, lighterice bucket or twosoda, tonic, juice (cranberry, orange, tomato), pop, cold flat or carbonated watercocktail straws, cocktail picksgarnish -  lemon, lime and good cocktail cherries (check what your drink recipes call for)extra toilet paperwhiskey, bourbon, rye, rum, vodka, gin, dry and sweet vermouth, cognac, two bottles of both white and red wine, beer, bubblyclean cloth to quickly wipe up spillsplenty of clean hand towels in the washroom bottle opener and corkscrewa game - personally I can't stand games but some people love them at partiesburgundy glasses, beer glasses, martini glasses, rock glasses, champa…

Helmut Lang - Don't call it a comeback

He's been here for years. The F/W 08 collection will remind you of why you loved Lang in the 80s. Sold to Japanese powerhouse, Link Theory, the brand was relaunched in 2007 under the creative direction of Michael and Nicole Colovos of denim label Habitual. Some critics say the new Helmut Lang is nothing like the old. I disagree. Helmut Lang in the 80s represented the sexy, dirty, bat caving, vodka drinking, creative set and still does - they're just not sporting jet black asymetrical hair cuts, mc hammer pants and elfin shoes. What you see in the F/W 08 collection is Japanese street chic to a T. Now all Lang needs is a cigarette brand... Check out Helmut Lang for the full collection.

How To Do Goth Like the Japanese

Goth is back and black has never been blacker. Get inspired by watching the Japanese take on goth:

Tips for decor in 620 square feet


When working with 620 square feet it can be challenging to find furniture that doesn't over power your space.
Windows, area rugs, drapes and a colour wheel (for direction) can help you define the space. In this space I chose a 5 x 8 flokati rug to bring the room together. Your furniture should sit at just the edge of the rug and should be placed at a comfortable conversation distance from each other and close enough to the coffee table to rest your drink on. In this room the coffee table is a Nakashima inspired vintage old growth burl.
The color scheme was chosen to compliment the view of Stanley Park out the window. It was important to have some bright accents as this home faces northwest and nine months of the year are gray and raining. I chose shades of purple, red, green and gold to liven up the champagne velvet tufted couch and chairs.

Dark chocolate vintage crushed velvet drapes frame the view and pull out the wood grains in the original mid century oak flooring…

The A-Z of Inspirational Design

Alvar Aalto
B Maarten Baas C Rose Cabat D Adrien Dalpayrat E Paul Evans
F Anna Castelli Ferrieri G Alexander Girard
H Poul Henningsen
I Arata Isozaki J Curtis Jeré
K Thomas Kakinuma
L Le Corbusier

22 Albums To Play At Dinner Parties

1.   Sergio Mendez & Brasil 66 - Herb Alpert Presents... 
2.   Maury Muehleisen - Gingerbread 3.   Stevie Wonder - Talking Back 4.   The Verve - Urban Hymns 5.   The Rolling Stones - Aftermath 6.   Nick Drake - Pink Moon 7.   Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink 8.   Portishead - Portishead 9.   The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses 10.  Neil Young - Live at Massey Hall 1971 11.  Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Gold (1959-1991) 12.  Jim Croce - I Got a Name 13.  Big Brother and the Holding Company - Cheap Thrills 14.  Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights 15.  Modern English - Ricochet Days 16.  The Charlatans - The Amazing Charlatans 17.  Tom Waits - Small Change 18.  Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out! 19.  Dead Presidents Soundtrack 20.  Johnny Cash - at San Quentin 21.  Marvin Gay - What's Going On 22.  Sigur Rós  -  Ágætis Byrjun

West Coast Modernism for the 21st century

While vast amounts of West Coast modernist commercial architecture fall victim to the wrecking ball there is a revival of the medium sprouting up in the residential arena.
Moore Building 626 Bute St. - demolished 2004
Stacy Reynaud

1477 Pender St. - demolished 2008
 Stacy Reynaud 

The award winning Wakefield Beach community project on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is an example of how today's architects are using their inspiration from Arts and Crafts and Modernism and translating it into contemporary homes for tomorrow's inspiration.
Wakefield Beach Project - Sunshine Coast British Columbia photo Wakefield Beach

Wakefield Beach - Sunshine Coast, British Columbia photo Blue Sky Architecture
Organic architecture on the West Coast incorporates, what many often take for granted, into the planning, design and development - the four basic elements of air, earth, fire and water. The elements become an integral part of the overall objective of the project.
Scott House - Gulf Islands…

Kick Start - 8 of The Best Men's Boots F/W '08

Fall/Winter 2009 Here
Pull yourself up by your boot straps because this season is all about boots.
Whether you're grabbing the ubiquitous Beatle boot, the vintage combat or the city over boot you can't go wrong. Here are my eight picks for Fall Winter 2008: (for Spring/Summer 2009 click here)

1. John Varvatos - anything by Mr. Varvatos looks hot for fall. You've gotta rock when your boutique is in the old CBGB's space.
2. Ann Demeulemeester - Ms. Demeulemeester has made a name for herself with her womens' boots, now it's the guys turn! Go to her site for more pics. 3. N.D.C. (nom de code) - made by hand. Known as everyone's best kept shoe secret, ndc give distressed a whole new name.
4. Vintage Combat - you survived Lollapalooza '92 thanks to these babies so get them out and polish them up,
5. Diet Butcher Slim Skin - the 'bizarrely brilliant' Japanese line to keep your eyes open for.
6. The City Overboot - Marc Jacobs' men have the…