How to Make A Cool Floor Lamp

DIY Stovepipe Floor Light

Like a small budget, a small space calls for imagination and efficiency.
The stovepipe light above casts a warm glow and provides an accent to furniture groupings. The piece is imaginatively created from lengths of galvanized stovepipe in six and eight inch diameter sizes. You can find stovepipe and other jewels at Habitat for Humanity ReStore or your local hardware store.

What to do:
  1. Cut the stovepipe in five lengths that vary from 16-30 inches and buff the sections to the desired shine.
  2. Cut five discs from 3/4 inch plywood to fit tightly in the bottom of each tube.
  3. Attach a ceramic fixture and common wiring to each disc (found at a hardware store).
  4. Insert mini-spot bulbs into the fixtures.
  5. Insert the discs into the tubes.
  6. Place the entire unit on a 3/4 inch plywood base, cut to size.
  7. Spray paint the base black.
**Don't use oversize or high wattage bulbs because they will over heat. If the pipes become too hot or need ventilation, drill small holes near the base of each tube.

Remember, imagination, time and a willingness to do it yourself are all you need to make your decor plan effective and keep your budget on track.

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