The Fashion Designer and the Comic Book Artist

Veronica dresses better than Betty.
I think my first girl crush was on Veronica Lodge later to be replaced by Daphne Blake - which would probably explain my penchant for scarves and mini dresses.  
As for my thing for Asterix, later to be replaced by Shaggy - I think it was the facial hair and titular heroism that did me in.
When I read that Diane von Furstenberg had released a comic, Be the Wonder Woman You Can Be, published by DC Comics, I was intrigued.  The limited edition comic book features von Fursentberg's original story through the adventures of Diva, Viva and Fifa (get it - DVF) as well as bits by Lynda Carter and Gloria Steinem.  100% of the proceeds are for DVF's charity, Vital Voices. Check the pics out here.  Betty dresses better than these gals.
John Galliano had a great comic inspired website in 2004 where one could dress the heroine, Ms. Galliano, in his current collection and lead her on 007 style adventures around the world - thigh high stilettos and all.  I'd like to see a walk off between Veronica and Ms. Galliano.
So, which leaves me to wonder, do comic book characters have stylists or are comic book artists extremely stylish...