Sex, The Economy, and The Guerrilla Marketer

Should Nevada's brothels apply for a government bail out too?
The world's oldest profession has been hit by the economic downturn.  The industry has a $400 million impact on the state of Nevada and generates about $50 million in revenues but in the last 18 months disposable income, aka the fun fund, has been going the way of the condom - down the toilet. Revenues for the 25 brothels in the Nevada Brothel Owners' Association are down by as much as 45 percent.  Stats on the women's individual earnings can be found here.
If done correctly,  guerrilla marketing tactics could work brilliantly here.
  1. viral marketing
  2. ambient marketing
  3. presence marketing
  4. grassroots marketing
  5. wild postings
  6. tissue pack advertising
  7. undercover marketing
  8. astroturfing
  9. alternative marketing
  10. experiential marketing
Go here to read a great post on the definition of each type of guerrilla marketing tactic mentioned above.
photo from weburbanist