10 Rock n Roll Rider Requests Sure to Surprise

The Rider.   Musicians can become legends over these. These contracts can include specs on everything from dressing room 'vibe' and meals to transportation and opening act.  You're thinking about Van Halen, Black Sabbath and NKOB right now aren't you?
Here are 10 musicians whose riders were and weren't what I expected: 
  1. Sheryl Crow - Mon. Makers Mark, Tues. Bombay Gin, Weds. Courvosier Brandy, Thurs. Good Quality Champagne, Fri. Silver Tequila, Sat. Absolut Vodka, Sun. Silver Tequila
  2. Kid Rock - if McDonald's could of set up I'm sure they'd be there.
  3. Coldplay - NO chardonnay, NO Stella, NO U.S. beer but stamped postcards are nice.
  4. Prince - more like a spa than a gig. The Yogi tea and scented candles do add a nice touch.
  5. LL Cool J - the driver must know where to find a Soul Food Cafe and that door better not say Jay.
  6. Boy George - boy o boy happy hour starts at sound check and that black t-shirt better be ready.
  7. Nine Inch Nails - who would've thought these guys were juicers!
  8. The Black Crowes - wooden furniture doesn't go well with zig zags.
  9. Frank Sinatra - plants, Tootsie Rolls and top shelf liquor are 'appreciated'.
  10. Guns n' Roses - Dom Perignon, guacamole and porn.
Korn's rider with a PHAT towel request
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What's on your rider?
Source: smoking gun