Jan 14, 2009

How To Accessorize Your Home Successfully aka Decorating Without Looking Like A Thrift Shop

Accessories are a unique addition to your home and should always be objects you love - never choose them solely to go with your furniture.  If you have a collection, display it advantageously by gathering it all in one place for the greatest impact. Arrange the collection so that the repetition of objects is rhythmic and compelling.
Here are 5 tips for organizing collections:
1.  Consider the kinship of objects to each other and to the background upon which they will be placed

2.  Anchor the collection by a piece of furniture of equal or greater visual weight beneath them

3.  Make large-scale drawings of your plans or lay them out on the floor before you commit

4.  Treat every wall as a potential artwork

5.  The best things in life are free
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