How To Wear A Vest

  • A vest must cover the waistband. No belt buckle should show. This adds girth (the appearance of weight) and directs the eye straight to the waist.
  • The bottom button is meant to be left undone.
  • If there's an X across the middle when buttoned, the vest is too tight.
  • Yes, you can wear a vest with t-shirt. Leave it unbuttoned and wear it a size or two larger.
  • Add some flair to the plain short sleeve button up with a vest and skinny tie.
  • Avoid the white and black combo.

What is wrong with this vest?
  • Vest is too small. His waist band and belt buckle are showing. Notice how it adds bulk to his waist.
  • Too tight. Note the X across the middle.
  • Bottom button done up.
  • Pants are too tight. Note the pulling across the crotch.
  • The shirt is too big. Note the puffy sleeves near the shoulders. Either short or long sleeve please.
  • He looks like a waiter.