How To Make A Table From A Garage Door

You won't hesitate to show your guests to the door when it's your table. An old solid door, whether industrial or rustic, can be converted into a table quite simply.

old garage door table with iron brackets for legs
Stacy Reynaud
  • old door - demolition sales are a great place for inexpensive oddities
  • screwdriver
  • drill
  • saw
  • eight double-wide corner braces
  • four wooden cable spools for legs - pick these up from the phone or hydro company
  • four rubber 'feet' for each spool
  • paint for the cable spool optional
  • a sheet of polished glass for top optional

  1. Remove any hinges or hardware from the door if desired
  2. Plan and measure desired height of legs
  3. Place tabletop section face down and mark the placement of the legs
  4. If using a large door like the one above, use a cable spool in each corner. You'll need to saw the spool down to the desired height.
  5. Paint spool if desired
  6. Glue rubber 'feet' to bottom of each spool to steady it if necessary
  7. Place spools/legs on top of the door
  8. Place two double-wide corner braces next to each leg on either side
  9. Predrill holes for the screws, secure braces with screws
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