Inspiring Design: Thighs, Breasts & Lips

1. The Champagne Coupe
Claimed to be the breast of a number of women: Helen of Troy, Marie Antoinette, Madame de Pompadour, Madame Du Barry, Empress Joséphine and Diane de Poitiers
Rumor has it that prospective members of Les Folies Bergère were subjected to the champagne glass test - a coupe fit over their naked breast determined who was eligible.  If the cup runneth over, her luck had runneth out.
2.  The Barrel Tile
Once hand made by potters by molding and smoothing handfuls of clay over thighs.  The half-rounded shapes were then baked in the sun before application
3.  Bocca sofa
Designed in 1970 and re-issued in 2004 by Studio 65 for Edra.  The famous sofa is rumored to be inspired by Marilyn Monroe.  Height 33", Width 82", Depth 29"
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