Apr 3, 2009

From Vandalism To Home Decor - Graffiti Interiors

Graffiti Pillow
image © lovegrove & repucci

n. 1. (usu. in pl.) a piece of writing or drawing scribbled, scratched or sprayed on a surface. 2. Art a form of decoration made by scratches on wet plaster, showing a different colored under-surface. The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

I had first come across the work of Lovegrove & Repucci while thumbing through an art mag a few months back when some photos of graffiti tableware (NY Delft) caught my eye. I contacted Demian Repucci and Nick Lovegrove, the duo behind design collaborative Lovegrove & Repucci, to ask them a few simple questions about some of their new pieces; 'Graffiti Pillows' and 'Urban(e)' silk scarves. Their answers were so eloquent, specific and significant that I've chosen to publish them in their whole.

Who did the graffiti? Was it done on one big medium and then transposed digitally?
'We photographed graffiti in its natural habitat - delivery trucks, walls, alleys, etc. Then we manipulated the graffiti with Photoshop to make it into our own amalgam of sorts. Once the section was selected it was then digitally printed on the cotton twill covers (Graffiti Pillows).
'Urban(e)' Graffiti Silk Scarf
image © lovegrove & repucci

The same sort of process was used for our 'Urban(e)' Silk Scarves. I think the scarves are especially lovely in that the graffiti is done in fine silk. Quite a juxtaposition.

Both projects take what could be considered banal, culturally 'base' or vandalism even and put it in a different context. High fashion or home decor. Elevating one's perception of it (hopefully) from eye sore to art.'
Graffiti Pillow
image © Lovegrove & Repucci

Like the graffiti that inspired them, the Graffiti Pillows are a limited edition. There will be 500 of each. You may order them online from Lovegrove & Repucci by clicking here.

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