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7 Sandals for Men: How To Wear Them Well

No socks.Keep them clean with soap and water.Flip flops aka thongs should be seen in three places: the beach, public showers and the spa.Toenails can be a real turn off if not properly cared for. Go ahead and pamper yourself.If wearing with trousers make sure you're not stepping on your hem.
1. Marsell
2. Anne Demeulemeester

3. Camper
4. Raf Simons

5. John Varvatos

6. Mexican Huraches

7. Bruno Bordese

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Quote of the Week - Mary McFadden

A hotel room is just a place to sleep. However, as soon as I arrive, I do order Champagne and Perrier.
Mary McFadden

The Style Quiz 3

Fashion fades, only style remains the same.

What year are the collections below from?

Comme des Garçons
Yves Saint Laurent
Thierry Mugler

Answer posted on June 5th.

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Vintage Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin Men

Photos of My New Studio Space

A 1910 heritage building, zero capital and a storage locker full of vintage goodies. I've shot one of the blank walls so you can see the mint green I have to deal with. I think I'm going to cover the entire thing with collected art work and vintage rock posters.

images stacy reynaud

Best Scenes Begin at 3:10

Heaven (Fully Flared Intro Video Remix)

Mesmerizing music by UNKLE set to an extraordinary re-edited sequence of shots from the Spike Jonze and Ty Evans film Fully Flared.

My favourite shot is at 4:54.

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RIP Arthur Erickson

MacBlo Building - Vancouver BC
image Stacy Reynaud

Canadian modernist architect Arthur Erickson passed away May 20th, 2009 at the age of 84.

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Vintage GUCCI

Gucci Sphere Watch $125

Quote of the Week - Edgar Allan Poe

There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.
Ligeia, Edgar Allan Poe

Jean Gillon - Collector Alert

Designing primarily in Brazilian rosewood during the mid century Jean Gillon could not have known his material of choice would become a CITES listed endangered species. Brazilian rosewood is now illegal to trade.
Gillon was born in Romania in 1919 and received his architecture degree in 1942. At the age of 37 he moved to Brazil where he began designing furniture and household products out of local hardwood, primarily rosewood.
Two years later, in 1958, Gillon founded Italma Wood Art and began to solidify his reputation as one of the top Brazilian furniture designers.

Gillon did not limit himself to furniture design. He also worked with textiles producing highly collectible tapestries.

Watch for his work.

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What to Wear on the Weekend

weekend by bijouliving featuring Dior Sunglasses

A men's look for a weekend in Vancouver

Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

Quote of the Week - Anonymous

Age is of no importance unless you're a cheese.
Cheese shop. Cannes, France

Arnaud Maggs: Reality and Mortality

Arnaud Maggs is aware of his own mortality. It is this sense that keeps him working to consolidate his large body of work while trying to capture fresh ideas. Maggs' work speaks to the universal human experience. Hotel signs become more than sans serif on white on black. Portraits become stark realities of the form of the human head. Maggs is 83.

11 Mens Tote Bags

It is believed, among couturiers, that your accessories should be more expensive than your basic suit. The right accessory can enhance a dull outfit and set you apart from the pack.

When choosing a city bag for 2009 think harmony. Each item in your wardrobe should have some harmony with the others. That is, make sure that no one piece of clothing stands out by itself. Bags, like shoes, provide light-reflecting contrasts to your outfit. It is important, therefore, that your bag, as your shoes be well maintained and polished.

Here are 11 bags to carry off your look.

1. Pauric Sweeney

2. Corsia
3. Dolce & Gabbana
4. Ally Capellino

5. Moore & Giles
6. ndc
7. A Brand Apart
8. Jas m.b.
9. Maison Martin Margiela
10. John Varvatos
11. Dior
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Fantasy Furniture: Its Place in Our Space

As some of you may know Bijou Living moved into a 1910 studio space May 1st. Initially, we had planned an interior inspired by Louis XVI meets Bauhaus however, with the realization of limited capital and a storage locker filled with vintage finds, our concept changed.

What is coming together now is a menagerie of 70s bohemian, mid-century Danish and Rococo amongst a color palette reminisce of Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights.

When the project is finished photos will be forthcoming. For now, conjure up your own images with these pieces and you'll get a sense of what we're working with.