Jul 9, 2009

12 Do's and Don'ts for Dining Out

  1. start eating before anyone else is served.
  2. gesture with silverware.
  3. lie to the waiter saying everything is okay when it is not.
  4. snap your fingers for attention.
  5. order for your partner unless they have given you permission.
  6. lay anything on the table - including your phone.
  7. order a vodka paralyzer before dinner.
  8. talk to your menu - the waiter is beside you.
  9. wear your running shoes and distressed denim unless you're at a concession stand.
  10. get drunk.
  11. hold your cutlery in a death grip.
  12. settle for anything but the best.
  1. give compliments where compliments are due.
  2. fill out the comment form - management really does read them.
  3. keep your voice down.
  4. use your napkin often.
  5. send your wine back if it is unacceptable.
  6. tip 20%. More if the service is outstanding. The waiter has to share that tip with the bartender, bussers, host, kitchen staff, floor supervisor and management.
  7. break off a small piece of bread, butter it and eat it. Don't butter the whole thing at once.
  8. look the waiter in the eye.
  9. place your napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down. When you're finished your meal use your napkin, fold it loosely and place it on the table.
  10. pull the chair out for your female date, wait until she's seated then sit down. If this is too old fashioned for you at least wait until she takes her seat before you sit down. If you're out on business wait for the women to be seated then take your seat.
  11. rise to shake someone's hand if you are introduced.
  12. get your bearings straight on manoeuvring a typical table setting.

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