Jul 6, 2009

1989 Went back to the future with Nissan Figaro

I grew up in a body shop. My father restored Camaros, Corvettes, T-Birds, 57 Chevys, you name it. When we spotted this car we were both curious. Initially, we thought it was a vintage Italian model but the rear brake light and window markings convinced us otherwise.
Nissan Figaros were a limited edition coupe (20,000) produced for Japan's domestic market in 1991. The Figaro came in four 'jewel' colors, each representing a season. The model here is Emerald Green (Spring). The other 'jewel' colors were Pale Aqua, Lapis Grey and Topaz Mist (the rarest).
The Figaro was designed by Shoji Takahashi for the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show under the slogan 'Back to the Future'.
As for speed, let's say the Figaro is a perfect car for motoring around the city. Fuel economy 7.4 L/100 km. Fuel capacity 40 L (11 US gal.; 9 imp gal). 3 speed automatic transmission.
A sliding soft top is standard on the Figaro, as is extremely water repellent paint and white leather interior.
Eric Clapton's Figaro is for sale.

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