Don't Sacrifice Your Image for a Bargain

The fabulous Vintage Vogue boutique in Calistoga, CA

Don't buy much but make sure what you buy is good. Christian Dior

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to put together some new outfits for Fall. Living in a climate where there are only two seasons - the cold ones - my Fall wardrobe is pretty much worn year round.

As someone who's made a living off buying clothes, accessories and footwear there are certain mantras I live by. It's one thing to put together a collection for a show but it's a whole other story putting together a collection for myself.

If you're going to shop the bargains, and by bargains I'm including thrifting, make sure the piece fits. Don't be like me and try it on over your clothes. Go in the fitting room and be natural. Put your belt on, keys in your pocket, sit down and cross your legs. Is it tight in the seat or thighs? Button up and walk around. Does it cut up under your arms, show off those private bits, pull across the chest? Put a sweater on under that jacket or coat and raise your arms to see if it's comfortable in motion. Stand in your natural stance, which I've noticed is air guitar for quite a few people. Do you feel like you?

When you've finished with the physical part run these words through your head:
  • Debt is not cool.
  • Cash is the new credit.
  • Need not want
  • No acrylic
  • Black
  • There's a reason it's on sale.
  • Regret
  • Walk away