What is your personal style?

Apparently last week's mind fog was actually a time machine that took me back to Paris in the late 60s. The attraction seems to be unshakable. A sure sign to grab the inspiration and start my fall picking.

In his autobiography, Dior by Dior, Christian Dior reminisces on the social aspect of walking to and from the city during the German occupation of France from 1940-1944. Walking the same route everyday became the most important networking event of Dior's career. I will keep this event to myself. Read the book.

Living downtown makes walking my main mode of transportation which usually covers about 5 kms a day. Walking this much has made the phrase, 'I don't have the right shoes.'; one of the most common in my vocabulary. Trust me, those black closed toe YSL platforms would be mine if I wasn't so practical. Instead I'll take that eight hundred bucks and buy a closet full of timeless vintage pieces and hopefully find the right pair of shoes to wear.

What I'm getting at is - plan your shopping for your lifestyle. Personally, I'm attracted to Francoise Hardy's style of the late 60s because I see it as an adaptable suitable style for my lifestyle. Comfortable chic. For another great look of Françoise's check out her 1967 video for Voilà here.

Note: In my repertoire the fur is faux.