How to Do a High Bun Updo

How to tie a bun:
  1. Bend over, shake your head so all your hair hangs down.
  2. Run a comb over it to smooth out any bubbles.
  3. Still bending over, grab all your hair and pull it to the top of your head.
  4. Wrap an elastic around it. Don't pull your hair through into a ponytail.
  5. Stand up straight. Gently pull as much hair as you can but don't pull it all the way through the elastic.
  6. Smooth out any bubbles.
  7. Pull through whisps you want framing your face.
  8. Gently push on the top of the hair creating a doughnut shape.
  9. Bobby pin the doughnut down around the edges.
  10. Hairspray and smooth with the palm of your hand. Pay close attention to the back.
How to do a low bun: follow the same instructions but make the doughnut lower on your head.

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