The Digs - What you see is what you get

I've had a few requests for some pics of the new digs. Here it is in all its unstaged glory - dark (cause that's the way I like it) and scantily clad with what's left of our furniture. Everything is still where we left it when we brought it in off the moving truck and will probably stay that way for awhile.

Don't you just love wires. My Dad won that lamp when he was a kid for delivering the most newspapers. The hand painted tea pot is a thrift find from years ago. I use it to hold my pens.

One really big slab table and a bent plywood Singer sewing chair.

My old LED clock from the 80s. It's so bright we have to put a sock over it when we go to bed. Part of the husband's guitar collection.

Our highly coveted thrifted $40 rosewood chair and my Grandfather's iron night table. That's Sherman down below. Oh, and there's my Casio Illuminator LED digital watch. Note the gorgeous rental white snagged rental apartment curtains. The emerald black out drapes will be up soon - I hope.

This is our old place.
The studio.