I've been had by gelatin

the yogurt I'm going back to

Boiled bones, skins and tendons are not on my plat du jour.

We used to shop at a whole food market but recently switched to a no name box store grocer for financial reasons. It never occurred to me to check the ingredients of yogurt for anything besides cochineal but upon reading the label of a cheap 'house' brand plain yogurt to use for some raita I almost chucked it and my cookies on the floor. Since when did they put gelatin in yogurt, marshmallows or mini-wheats for that matter? Guess I've been out of the loop for the past ten years.

As for those copious amounts of gelatin I've consumed unknowingly - you know who you are and I'm on to you - you can sit with the curried lamb plate I ate half of in London and that ham quiche from Capers I felt the wrath of for three days in the file marked Remember that time...

Oh and ba-bye rice krispie squares you'll fit nicely beside fruit berries in the file marked Food I used to enjoy but won't touch again...

For a list of food additives of animal origin or suspected animal origin visit this site.