Nov 20, 2009

Mood Lighting - Take it Personally

Eaton's Catalog 1973

One of the most important and personal things in your home is the lighting. For example, we have dimmer switches on every light switch - even in the kitchen. However, we went to a dinner party last week, and the hosts had installed fluorescent tube lighting, aka office lighting, throughout their entire apartment. We dined under the hum of excited mercury vapour.

Rothschild & Bickers

You've probably gotten a good sense of my style by now and would've guessed I'd be a fan of 1970s swag lighting. The colored glass throws off a beautiful muted light that some refer to as either 'comfy' or 'sexy'. Both adjectives sound good to me. The lights are still quite easy to find when I go out thrifting; however, its day will come, and like the West German pottery, it will be impossible to find. When that day does arrive Rothschild & Bickers will be there to console me with their bespoke services (via Styleture).

You wouldn't believe me if I told you I paid $1 for the light below, so I won't tell you.

I've put this one in our bedroom now. It used to be in the living room.

PS I've finally put a Bijou Living page on Instagram. I'll be adding things to that page that I wouldn't post here. Come hang out 

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