West German Pottery

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I'm not sure which piece was my first. I've bought, sold and traded West German Pottery off and on for about ten years now. Within the past three years I've noticed it's becoming more and more difficult to find when I'm out thrifting. Apparently, West German Pottery is a hot commodity now - don't call it Fat Lava because that's a glaze and not all West German Pottery has this type of glaze.

How choked was I when I popped into the local Aritzia store to burn all the Ugg boots (joking obviously) and counted 14 pieces of West German Pottery in various sizes on shelving throughout the store? I thought perhaps Mr. Hill had stashed his personal collection in the store, however, when I went in to another Aritzia - surprise another 14 pieces on display! If only the shoplifters knew that the pottery would retain its value longer than the pair of Nudies they just shoved down their pants.

So now when I'm out thrifting not only do I have to know each of the vintage pickers by their clove oil, undersized faded kids' Levi's jean jackets and rock t-shirts by memory but I also have to know the Narciso Rodriguez perfumed, sprayed on over dyed denim, Frye boot wearing West German Pottery pickers.** It's actually gotten to the point where 'people' have stolen the pottery out of my cart at thrift shops when my back is turned.

Well, there's another little something I've been grabbing lately that they haven't caught on to but that's a secret - for now.

** I'm the ylang ylang and patchouli oil, head to toe black, faux fur wearing, Dansko clomping cougar behind you.