Dec 21, 2009

10 Household Items to Use on Last Minute Wardrobe Malfunctions

  1. clear nail polish - Stops runs in your tights from going further. Dab some at each end of the snag.
  2. hairspray - Removes ink from vinyl fabrics. Test a small area to make sure it doesn't take the color out. Spritz a small amount on the ink and dab the spot out.
  3. petroleum jelly - Buffs up patent shoes and bags. Good for a little extra shine on the lips as well. Not too much though or it'll look like you just ate pork chops.
  4. candles - Rub on a sticky zipper to help it slide.
  5. fabric softener sheet - Gets rid of static from your clothes in a hurry. Rub it on the inside of the clingy piece of clothing and the part of your body it's clinging to. Curb fly away hair this way too.
  6. shaving razor - Use to shave pilling off sweaters or wool coats (check your sleeve bottom, I bet it's pilled). Shave in one direction. Don't push to hard or you'll make a hole.
  7. stud earring - Fix up a neckline that's plunging just a little too much by pinning it a bit with the stud.
  8. elastics - Keep your pants tucked in your boots by wrapping the elastic around the bottom.
  9. tape - Instant hem.
  10. pencil - Use it to push through pulls in a sweater. Put the tip of the pencil on the pull and push it through to the other side. Pull the yarn through from the inside.

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