Dec 3, 2009

Kiss Me to the Happiest Times

It's a perfect day when you're snooping around on the web and find something that excites you. Much reminisce of sitting on the floor in my bedroom in 1985 thumbing through Star Hits magazine (I won a t-shirt after telling them I had no cool clothes because I lived in Langley) and playing through records I just picked up after a two hour bus ride downtown to Odyssey with Dave - and his blue mohawk - they were separate entities you see.

Ahh, what a glorious day yesterday was - sashaying down the aisles of Safeway - like the crazy lady I am - as Kiss Me by Stephen Tin Tin Duffy (Hi Chris!) sparkled out of the tinny speakers, waking up to a bright pink sunrise in the east while a huge full moon still hung in the west (how New Age is that?), coming home to some wonderful reader comments and then discovering this Swedish guy - Little Big Adventure. I like his voice, the keyboards, the tempo and the ukulele guy's hair and tie knot. Music to make love to under a bright pink morning sky with a full moon hanging in the west? Why not! After all, yesterday was a Stephen Tin Tin Duffy kind of day.

Appropriately titled Happiest Times

The Wind