Jan 11, 2010

The Curse of Casual Friday

This is the post where your jaw drops and you call me 'old fashioned'.

I don't like casual days. I find them unprofessional. However, I'm also the one that doesn't like bare legs in the workplace.

At my first middle management job I came face to face with the curse of casual day. I was able to avoid the first few by playing dumb but my charade wouldn't last for long - my team was on to me. So, being the 'approachable' boss, I gave in. What was the problem? Well, you see, I have two wardrobes - my corporate costume and my real wardrobe. Let's just say the real wardrobe consists of lots of vintage and lots of black.

Ever have an unexpected emergency meeting pop up on casual day? Sure, I was wearing black denim, a silk t-shirt and a black blazer but I felt like a tool sitting down with the big wigs in their suits. Lesson learned.

Casual day attire for men in my books:
no tie

For women:

* Mr. Louisiana photo a fabulous gift from Could it be Madness-this?

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