Defamation of Character - Cashmere

Think about this, it takes the cashmere of three to six goats to make a single women's sweater.

A conversation with Daniel rekindled an issue I had been getting worked up about years ago - cashmere and its lowered image in the marketplace. A few autumns back I was caught unexpectedly downtown without a jacket. Needless to say I went straight to a specialty 'cashmere' boutique nearby as I wanted the thinnest yet warmest sweater I could find. Let's say I'm familiar with cashmere but not an expert. I also have a few vintage Scotish cashmere pieces that are at least forty years old and are still like new. Considering cashmere as an investment piece, I confidently forked out over $300 for my new pullover sweater - by the end of the evening it was completely pilled on each side. Furious? Yes.

Please understand this and pass it on -> REAL/PURE cashmere rarely pills and if it does it definitely doesn't happen in four hours. I went back to the shop first thing in the morning with my $300 rag. Guess what? No returns, no exchanges and no credit notes. Basically it was, 'That's your piece of crap now, enjoy.' One of my qualities I have to work on is keeping my cool.

Back to my opening thought - if it takes three to six goats to make a single women's sweater why are they $49.99 at 'select' retailers?

Don't support this abomination. Be an educated consumer and don't get ripped off - for the sake of the goats.

To educate yourself please read these FAQs from the Cashmere and Camel Hair Manufacturers' Institute and pass it on.