Architectural Salvage - Marble

You may remember me speaking of a slab of marble in the comment section of Top 5 Design Pieces I'm Extremely Bored of back in October. Well, yesterday I decided that if it was still there I was going to buy it (Craigslist was good to me last weekend). Yipeekiyay it was still there - but alas it had a sold sticker on it. Apparently, someone purchased it in November but hasn't picked it up yet as they've 'lost' their receipt. Sounds a little fishy to me. I offered to buy it and take it right then. No go. There was a new guy working there and things had suddenly become extremely expensive. Which would explain why they were overstocked.

One of my pet peeves is when you're at a second hand place or demolition sale and they say, 'Well, that sells for X amount new so...'.

The one that got away.
approx. 8' x 3' $250

They also had this piece which I thought would be good for a shelf up against my back wall.

I wanted to put the slab on top of some, preferably old, saw horses. My Dad had a great pair with paint splatters, nails and gouges on them that would have been perfect.

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