Best Summer Suits for Men

Don't use the heat as an excuse to look like a schlump
remember the words of Hardy Amies,
'Never wear shorts except at water's edge.'

There are many options available to you for summer business formal that won't leave you looking like Mr. Roarke - although he did look wonderfully marvelous didn't he.

  • A monochromatic look not only makes you look slimmer visually it makes you cooler mentally.
  • Don't think you can pull off a solid white or cream colored suit without feeling like Colonel Sanders? Try light gray - everyone looks good in gray.
  • Feel like you're on safari in a tan suit? Stick with black in a light weight fabric.
  • Seersucker too Barber Shop Quartet? Try a Pin Stripe, Herringbone, Houndstooth or Prince of Wales Check.

  • For a change, try a light color tie on a light color shirt.
  • If you can go without a tie in the summer keep your shirt collar in your jacket. A spread collar is very 70s and not in a good way.

  • Loafers are shown all over for Spring Summer 2010 for a refresher check my post on loafers.
  • Suede and buck are the perfect alternative between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • Keep those handmade Italian leather sandals in your bag for the ride home not the office.

Suitable Summer Suit Fabrics:

Poplin - a sturdy fabric that was originally made from silk, poplin can know be found in cotton, wool, silk or rayon. Burberry uses a lot of poplin (think of the feel of their trench coat).

- stay away from low grade low ounce linen. You'll look like you slept in your suit by the time you get out of your car. 11-13 ounce linen will drape better and not be as wrinkly.

Wool crepe - a crepe under 11 ounces is pretty much approachable nine months of the year. Every time I see my seamstress she says to me, in her heavy Eastern European accent, 'Listen to me, get 99% wool, 1% lycra. I do this for 40 years I know what I'm talking about.' The word lycra, like the word spandex, creeps me out but I better listen to her or else.

Seersucker - Personally, I'm not a fan of the seersucker suit as it reminds me of a candy striper uniform. A seersucker sport coat paired with some high grade linen trousers or seersucker trousers paired with a linen shirt sits a little better with me.

Try tone on tone shirt and tie for a change. Of course you won't be wearing combat boots or espadrilles.

Casual day? Leave the tie at home.

Don't think you can pull off a solid white or cream suit? Try gray - everyone looks good in gray. Of course you'll have your shirt buttoned up during working hours.

Don't fear pattern. Glen check/Prince of Wales Check is a great print for summer.

Remember you are what makes your style unique. Be comfortable, confident and cool.