Denim Shirts - Raunchy, Ranch Hand, Restaurant or Radical?

I had to wear a denim shirt when I was a server at Red Robin. Now this wasn't a sexy curve conscious number - it was a men's size golfer's small (think terrible puffy balloon shirt) which, on a women's size xs had to be the most unflattering thing ever. Oh, and not to forget the beige pants and Bugs Bunny tie - rockin'.

Denim shirts are here again. My Red Robin PTSD has left me feeling somewhat panicky towards denim shirts. However, something tells me they're going to be the new urban plaid, so if you want to be ahead of the game search vintage denim shirt on Etsy - in my experience Wrangler has done the best vintage ones.

1974 Peter Fonda in Crazy Mary Dirty Larry. Check out his shoes.

(l) Dsquared (c) Michael Bastian (r) Adam Kimmel

(l) Spurr (c) D & G (r) William Rast

vintage denim at Flashbax on Etsy
These get better with each wash.