Your Next 5 Investment Pieces

So you've gone out and made the initial investment on your timeless look (see What to Wear for Time Travel), now what? Now it's time to start acquiring some investment pieces. These are the pieces, that if bought wisely, will last you decades. Don't waste your money on unnecessary impulse buys - like baseball hats, cheap leather belts and novelty t-shirts. Save it and put it toward the best you can afford.

1. the grey cashmere sweater - remember your insight on cashmere.

2. the camel hair coat - you'll only look like Frasier Crane if you want to look like Frasier Crane.

3. large leather doctor's bag - about three times larger than Dr. Dolittle's here.

4. Prince of Wales check suit - My favourite pattern (although herringbone has been knocking on my door lately). A pattern that can be worn year round. Trousers, if the right weight and cut, can look great even with a t-shirt and sandals in the summer.

5. Wool Officer's Coat - how many coats can you wear through each of your different phases and still look cool? This baby is about how you wear it not how it wears you.