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On Vacation

I've been doing a lot of winter beach combing lately, I'd forgotten how inspired I get at the edge of the sea. Yesterday I explained the concept of wish rocks to a little boy - he was confused as to why I was throwing rocks at the ocean. My explanation was quite contradictory as I don't believe in wishes per se, I simply look at them as goals only we can achieve but I didn't want to get into this with a six year old at the time.

I've been blogging for almost two years and have written close to 500 posts - now it's time for me to take a break. I'm not tired of it, I could write all day and night, however, if you don't go out and throw rocks at the ocean you won't have anything to write about.

I'll be back with more inspired content soon. I bought a little Flip video thing two months ago with the point of doing video blogs but I haven't even turned it on yet. I enjoy receiving your emails so drop me a line atbijoulivingatyahoodotcom. The chances…

Quote of the Week - Jackie Stewart

It's good to remind yourself where it all began,...My life has been like a magic carpet ride ever since.

Best Mens Boots Bags and Jackets for Fall Winter

A strong brand can always pull from their archives when they run out of inspiration or simply want to charge a little more dough for a special edition archival line. Take note, archival looks have been pulled from the chambers and spread all over the runway for Fall Winter 2010.

A strong brand can also carry the same styles season after season for decades without any need for climbing down into the archives. When I'm looking for inspiration I head straight to the surplus store. Why? Classic, clean lines and quality. You don't see the military launching two or three collections a year do you? Going to my favourite haunt is like descending into the archives. It's dark, it stinks, there's stuff crammed everywhere and there are treasures upon treasures of both American and European paraphernalia.

No worthy surplus stores around you? Here are some items I've chosen that can be purchased online.

Wesco 16" Engineer Boot - customizable and available in men's sizes…

What I brought home

I've shown you quite a few pieces on the Bijou Living page on Facebook that I've left behind on my thrifting adventures. Well, I thought I'd show you what I picked up last weekend when I was out. The stuff I left behind I'll post up on the Facebook page. Stay away from that rocking chair though - I'm going back!

cashmere $8
Louis FĂ©raud $7

silk Alfred Sung $2

70s shrooms $6

Tapered burgundy & black British wool houndstooth (for him) $10

Harris Tweed $6

Big Mucha mirror $20

copper and stone $3
reclaimed pedestal table with marble top $10
Also a pair of mint vintage combat boots ($35) but he's wearing them so I couldn't grab a shot.

Did you know...

According to one biographer* Audrey Hepburn's grandmother tied her neck to the back of her chair at the dinner table so she would not slump over her food, but would rather learn to put only small amounts on her spoon to bring to her mouth.

* info via Emily Post's Etiquette

* image via Stephanie.Posterous

10 Do's and Don'ts for the Beach or the Park

don't crowd others - if an individual is enjoying some personal time - alone - leave them alone!keep your kids in reach - which usually means building sandcastles down by the attention to the social grouping already started at the beach/park and place yourself accordingly.clean up after yourself. Leave the space as clean as or cleaner than you found it. Politely remind an offender that they may have forgotten something if they attempt to leave without picking up their mess.
confine noise to your own space - that means your guitar Romeo. Although, I think I'd prefer the guitar over the annoying cell phone conversation.
mind your cigarette smoke, the direction of the wind, and pick up your butts - they're garbage too.
if you are alone, do notice who is around you for safety's sake. If you're doing a quick jaunt to the washroom don't feel embarrassed to politely ask your neighbour if they'd keep an eye on your blanket (take your valuables) let them know…

Design Lover: Gae Aulenti Table with Wheels

designed 1980

Remember, I don't have furniture right now. The Gae Aulenti glass table with wheels - for FortanaArte - would be perfect in my sofaless situation as it's only 25 cm high. Also perfect for stabbing my shin with its corner as I'm walking by.

The table actually comes in a multitude of sizes - but none taller than 25 cm - all available here.

Tip of the Week - Footwear

Wine bottles make excellent boot trees.

Quote of the Week - Vince Lombardi

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious.

Vintage Sonia Rykiel


Heaven on Earth is a Bike and a Warm Day

I was lucky enough to grow up in the country where we could bomb around on dirt bikes and ATVs. Now that I live in the city I'm thinking about finding a vintage bike to bomb around on. There's a guy in the West End that rides around on his Dad's 1970s Honda scooter I'll have to track him down and take a pic. Watch for him - the bike's yellow and he's a good guy that likes to chat.

via Steve's Vintage Bike Site
stacy reynaud

Yes or No?

Argentine label A.Y. Not Dead. They have four boutiques in Argentina and their women's line is available at Selfridges in London. Thoughts or not? I like the turquoise blue sweater. For a more in-depth look at the line check out Man About World or their page on Facebook. A pretty funny review of the label on the Fodor's website of all places.

Did you know...

The Sperry Top-Sider was inspired by a dog named Prince? Paul Sperry was intrigued by his cocker spaniel's ability to run nimbly over ice and snow. Upon turning Prince's paw over Sperry observed hundreds of tiny cracks and cuts in all directions. Sperry, in turn, was anxious to get back to his workshop to start his own experiments.

Grabbing a quarter inch thick piece of gum rubber he began cutting a herringbone shape into the material with his pen knife. The first pair of boat shoes were a worn out pair of sneakers with a quarter inch piece of herringbone patterned gum rubber glued to the bottom.

For more information on the involvement of Converse and Abercrombie & Fitch in the growth of the iconic boat shoe visit Sperry's site and download Paul Sperry's original story. It's a great read.

First Date Do's and Don'ts

mom & dad on one of their first dates.

go for a midweek lunch - short and sweet. Why drag out a painful date over dinner? You'll know by the time lunch is over if you want to go out again. I never understood going to a movie or a concert on a first date. How are you supposed to get to know the person? If I can be frank, women get a little stressed at the end of the dinner date. Kiss, hug, hand shake, coffee upstairs, sex? Seriously, make it a few lunch dates first - coffee upstairs at a later date won't be so uncomfortable.offer to meet your date at their place of work or pick them up at home. Most of the time they'll say they'll just meet you at the location but offer anyway.have a place in mind ahead of time. If you're going on a lunch date stay clear of the pizza by the slice place and the fancy schmancy place with three forks. Choose something with good lighting (and that doesn't mean bright), excellent service, a quiet atmosphere and a good wine list.…