Apr 13, 2010

Top 10 Rude Behaviours

* This list was compiled by the collaborative work of P.M. Forni and the Civility Initiative at John Hopkins and the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore by ranking responses to an informal survey on Yahoo.com and an online survey presented to workers at two Baltimore based companies and the community of a Baltimore university. The question asked was, "What act of rudeness bothers you most?"
  1. Discriminating in an employment situation.
  2. Driving in an erratic or aggressive manor that endangers others.
  3. Taking credit for someone else's work.
  4. Treating service providers as inferiors.
  5. Making jokes that mock another's race, gender, age, disability, sexual preference, or religion.
  6. Behaving aggressively toward children or bullying.
  7. Littering (including cigarette butts, spit and pet waste).
  8. Misusing handicapped privileges.
  9. Smoking in a non-smoking place or smoking in front of non-smokers without asking them first.
  10. Using cell phones or text messaging during conversations or during an appointment or meeting.
I'd like to add mine:
  1. Clinking the spoon in the cup while stirring.
  2. Smoking while standing at the entrance/exit of an establishment.
  3. Throwing plastic bags of garbage in the recycling containers.
  4. Any noise made by sucking in the cheeks - usually done while eating.
  5. Snorting. Remember that noise Brad Pitt's character would make in Kalifornia? That's the noise I'm referring to.

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